The world in the Corona era has seen a major turnoil in the economy. All the market indicators are losing their reliability, assets performance has changed, the economy has shaken. Now nobody is in position to give a long term view on any type of investment options.

Considering the current scenario, people having surplus money are very much in confusion as to where to invest. Safety of investment has taken front seat and returns are now secondary.

The best solution for such investors who do not want to take much risk and still want to earn interest on their investment. are LIQUID FUNDS.

Saras Mutual Funds, having more than a decade of experience in advicing Mutual Funds, strongly recommends Liquid funds .

Liquid funds are short term funds which mainly invest in debt securities. These mutual funds yield fixed returns. the maturity period of liquid funds is only upto 91 days.

The short investment period of liquid funds is what makes it a major attraction among common investors.

Another good thing about liquid funds is No Exit Load. No exit load is levied if money is withdrawn after 7 days of investment.

Liquid funds invest in low risk money market instruments with maximum investment period of three months, which make them comparatively less risky.

Largely speaking Liquid Funds are better option than fixed deposits as their return are more than fixed deposits and risk is almost nil.

In recent days reports have shown that interest of retail investors in liquid funds has risen sharply. The past record of performance is also encouraging.

Their are many liquid funds in the market. It may seem quite simple to choose one, but a small tip from experts sometimes makes wonders.

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