The year 2020 has marked a significant change in everyone’s life. Our way of looking towards life has changed all together. The things which we used to read in books or heard from our elders have become a reality.

Things which we never imagine , even in our dreams, can happen within moments. Corona pandemic has opened our eyes. God has shown us the truth of life.

Though we can not go against God and our destiny, but we can certainly do our bit by protecting our loved ones against financial losses following someone’s death.

At Saras Insurance Services, we regularly urge our clients to keep themselves protected against ups and downs of life and buy a life insurance. We believe that a tension free mind in itself is a feeder for longer life. A good life insurance policy may seem a simple financial cover but certainly it gives a psycological relief to a person and so helps him stay healthier and happier.

Their are broadly two types of Life insurance available in market – whole life insurance and Term life insurance.

The whole life insurance give life cover till the person lives and also it has element of saving. In contrast term life insurance give life cover for a given term (time period) only. Some policies offer riders for critical illnesses but mainly it is purely life insurance for a limited period of time.

Considering the factors like age of person, health conditions, occupation, other investments and budget, we recommend our clients either whole life insurance or term life insurance.

Term life insurance are typically cheaper, may be as low as Rs. 16 per day. The whole life insurance are relatively costly but its benefits are more.

These days market is flooded with life insurance policies. Term life insurance policies are selling like hot cakes. Many a times too many options become a cause of confusion rather than cause of happiness.

Saras Insurance Services holds more than a decade of experience in advicing our customers the best of life insurance policies. We have certified persons to guide you the best of options.

Contact us for solving all your insurance querries and make your life safer and certainly happier.