General Insurance is known as a Non-Life Insurance, they have wide range of insurance products to covers such as properties against fire, burglary, natural climates etc., personal insurance such as Accidental and Health Insurance, and liability insurance covers legal liabilities. There are also other covers such as Errors and Omissions insurance for professionals, credit insurance etc. The non-life companies also offer policies covering machinery against breakdown, Marine Cargo policy covers goods in transit including by sea, air and road. Further, insurance of motor vehicles against own damages due to accidental and Fire and theft and also cover third party cover and its mandatory Indian law. Workmen’s Compensation Policy etc. For instance, there are package policies available for householders, shop keepers and also for professionals such as doctors, chartered accountants etc. Apart from offering standard covers, insurers also offer customized or tailor-made ones.

Generally, a general insurance policy is a one-year contract, which means that you need to renew it every year. There are many types of general insurance policies, such as health insurance, motor vehicle insurance, travel insurance, and home insurance.